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Carl Zeiss Tessar 115mm f/3.5 Macro/Close-up Preset Bellows Lens
2010 I *
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ONE DAY IN ZION 4 1/2 minutes

Our planned trip to Bryce Canyon National Park was altered by heavy snow and driving winds. The lowlander riding in my car was getting quite nervous so we changed course to Zion National Park. Getting there late we were comfy once camp was made.

 A visit from a park ranger informed us that we may be required to leave early the next morning since the U.S. Government might run out of money. Not wanting to miss our opportunity at some potentially great images we got up early and headed out. We figured that if we weren't around they couldn't ask us to leave.  :)

 The drama in Washington played out while we enjoyed a very rare pleasure indeed. I have hiked this awesome park many times and have never seen it with so many faces in one day.

 The entire day could not have been much better. If it was only a little colder the gear would not have required so much protection. The wet snow seemed attracted to the front of lenses and driving winds didn't help much either but the experience was awesome. Try as I may it is impossible to convey. It would look like the sun was about to appear then just as fast it would get almost nighttime dark. The snow would change from large wet flakes to small stinging projectiles driven by constant wind.

 We were again halted by nature about 2/3's of the way up the Angels Landing trail. The snow became increasingly deeper and then started icing. Our destination required holding on to a chain as added protection to avoid the 1,400 foot drop. The lowlander again put up a fuss so I reluctantly agreed to head back. The timing was divine. As we came out of the narrow canyon to again view the valley floor, the sun came out for about few minutes and the scene was a true Kodak Moment."

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