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Voigtländer Voitlander Vitomatic 1 with case, lens hood case and camera strap.


A brief summary of "Photography Related".
"Old School" Photo Equipment
Getting the most for your money.
If you want The Best Pictures Possible
What you need to create them.
Taking pictures you'll print
Camera Gear Retirement Center
A great place for aging camera gear.

What is the Best Macro Lens?
The never ending search.
Using PC Lenses (Perspective Control)
Using PC lenses to control depth-of-field.
Carl Zeiss Tessar 115mm f/3.5 Lens
Best built lens I've ever used.

70-210 & 80-200 Lens Comparison
A look at eight 70-210mm zoom lenses.
Steinheil 105mm f/4.5 Bellows Lens
Quality performer.
Sweet Nikkor Tool Kit
6 great tools from Nikon

I started this section of the website as an easy means to keep track of various tests I conduct on the performance of both new and old photography equipment and thought it might interest some visitors. It documents the findings on the actual items used and your results may vary. Various photographic issues that may help others in creating better images are also discussed throughout the pages.

You can expect better results than some of the tests scores will rate, if you have mirror lock up, shutter delay or a leaf shutter on your camera. These 3 things reduce camera vibrations during exposure which degrade image quality. Also a better sensor than the one on a Nikon D90 used for these tests would improve results. For top results use large film or large sensors.

This section is dedicated to my father who gave me a camera for Christmas in 1972. Thanks Dad.
He had asked what I would like for Christmas that year and I told him a camera would be nice. I meant like a plastic camera or what was popular then, a Kodak Instamatic. Christmas morning was one I shall never forget and still have some photos taken on that day. Opening my gift, which was much to heavy for a camera in my thinking, I was shocked to find a Nikon F and a couple of lenses that his friend, a professional photographer, had replaced with  newer gear. I mean I was floored, a NIKON!!! Wooo!!!  Nikon's are common nowadays, but in 1971 or 72, whichever it was, they were "the cat's meow", "cream of the crop", only pro's seemed to have them. THANKS AGAIN DAD!!!

Notes about this section of the website... I will try to keep reading interesting and informative but sometimes it may read as though I'm talking to myself... I might be. I may make a statement that is incorrect, make changes to anything or everything at anytime. Some information may be redundant, most measurements are not exact, none of this documentation is guaranteed to be correct. I alter images in Photoshop as I see fit, rarely sharpen, am not to critical about issues of color balance, composition, lens correction, etc., etc., except when specifically needed. The images here are for documentation, not critical acclaim. ( critical acclaim works here )  Test shots are taken in Nikon's RAW format, exported from Adobe's Lightroom with no processing other than possible color balance, cropping, jpg conversion or resizing. For most testing I use continuous lighting, home-made test charts, cardboard reflectors and Nikon DX equipment. My testing is straightforward but crude. If I seem ignorant in an area... I might be. These reviews are to teach me as well as anyone else who might read them.

one last thing...  I hate typo's, missing photo's and incorrect information, so if you notice any, PLEASE let me know.  :)

Kert Kley


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