America's Southwestern

 America's southwestern states host a wide variety of wildlife not often seen by the casual observer nor anywhere else in the country. One of the largest are the Wild Horses. Creatures of fame and a lifelong friend of man. Sewn throughout America's history, we owe much of our progress to these lovely gifts.

 We found this small herd on a very hot day in the deserts of southern Nevada, near the California border. Consisting of 4 Mares (female), a Colt (baby) and a Stallion (male). The herds that I've personally come across are around this size.

 The colt was just a few days old and it's umbilical cord could still be seen attached. The mares were tolerant of us us we got nearer but the stallion, being most important to the herd, was always at a distance.

Wild Horse 01

First site of the herd.


Wild Horse 02 

As they head for parts unknown to me I was curious where they find water.
I never did find any water sources so I'm still curious and will do more exploring of the area.


Wild Horse 03 

They appeared to be a bit lean, which can be expected, but in good health.


Wild Horse 04 

The newborn colt trotting next to mom. Notice the umbilical cord still attached.


Wild Horse 05 

The stallion watching us closely and always at a distance.


Wild Horse 06 

As the herd decides we're no threat they let us get closer and the colt lets it's new legs rest a bit.


Wild Horse 07 

Slowly approaching the herd I get within a feet of them.
I was closely watching the colt and it's mother for any signs of distress.
They appeared to be fine with me and I probably could have made physical contact, but...


Wild Horse 08 

.. the stallion didn't seem to appreciate our presence so we backed away to calm him down.


Wild Horse 09 

One last shot of the colt before backing off. Cute as can be.

Wild Horse 10 

The stallion calmed, baby eating contently, so we leave these lovely creatures behind.

Wild Horse 11 

As we were leaving I said goodbye and the stallion almost seemed to do as well with this stance.



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