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This site offers free advertising for artists who reciprocate with a link back to their website. If you create art and have a website I highly recommend this free advertising. I'M LISTED!!! ARE YOU!!!


ArtLex is a dictionary of art for everyone interested in art production, collection, or history. You will find articles on thousands of art terms, along with terrific images and more.

Nærfoto Bjørn Rørslett

Nærfoto Bjørn Rørslett has established a fantastic reference site for those of you contemplating the purchase of photography gear. I visit often and have read most of the many pages. It is very useful for macro/micro photography considerations.

Ken has established one of the most informative sites on the internet for many types of photographic equipment, especially Nikon 35mm. I visit Ken's website very often and it is my main source of reference when considering the purchase of  new Nikon photographic equipment.

MyBokeh provides sample images displaying the Bokeh produced by various lenses. Each lens has it's own Bokeh... some are special as you will see.

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